3 Important Things to Do If You Need a Plumber in Port Arthur

Plumber Port ArthurYou can never be prepared enough for any emergency. That’s what they say. Most of the time, it’s true. No matter how prepared we thought we are, when the actual emergency occurs, there is always a why-didn’t-I-though-of that moment. Same is true with plumbing emergencies. That is why as a homeowner in Texas, we should spend some time preparing ourselves in the event of an emergency plumbing situation. The purpose is to avoid possible injuries and property damage and stay away from unnecessary expenses.

No matter how hard we try to keep plumbing emergencies from happening, some issues seem unavoidable. So before it happens, it is important to know how you should deal with it. Check out these tips:

1. Shut the water off right away. This will help you prevent flooding and potential water damage.

2. Do basic troubleshooting. Basic repairs such as unclogging a toilet and parts replacements can be done even without a professional. Just be sure to do everything with caution so as to avoid further damage.

3. For difficult plumbing issues, call a reliable plumber in Port Arthur right away. Emergency plumbers are highly trained to detect and fix any plumbing issues in your home. They are also equipped with tools that will make complicated repairs possible.

Before an emergency, it’s advisable to keep a local plumber’s contact information handy. Find a reputable and reliable plumbing company ahead of time and keep their contact number on hand so you can call them immediately whenever you need them.

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What to Do When Your West Palm Beach Toilet is Clogged

clogged toilet West Palm BeachSo you got yourself in a situation where the water in your toilet just won’t go down. It might be a headache to watch those things float in the water. But do not worry; here are some DIYs for a clogged toilet.

DIY Method #1. The Plunger

Most clogged toilets in West Palm Beach just need one special tool – the plunger. A good plunger would have an extension flange on the rubber bell-shaped end. It is created to fit toilets better so you can convey more potency to the plunge.

A poor flush means that your toilet drain is completely plugged and does not drain. A slow drain means that flushed water somewhat fills the bowl but does not clean the waste away. The water level remains high, but normally drains after a couple of minutes.

DIY Method #2. Drain Snake

A drain snake is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip that you lodge into the pipe until it comes into contact with the clog. You then turn the snake clockwise so the head of the wire screws through the clog and disjoints it. Or the rubble winds onto the wire so you can dislodge the clog.

DIY Method #3. Vacuum

You can use a wet and dry vacuum to dislodge anything that is causing the clog. You can also use the vacuum to empty water out of the bowl. Put a piece of cloth or an old towel down to seal around the drain.

Turning on the vacuum and trying to suction the clog can be effective for anything hard that was dropped in the toilet bowl.

DIY Method #4. Dishwashing Liquid and Hot Water

You can squirt a small amount of dishwashing liquid in the bowl, and then pour a pot of hot water in the bowl. Let the mixture sit for a couple of minutes before attempting to flush.

The dishwashing liquid will ease out the waste clogging the drain and hot water will soften the clogged matter. This will make it easy for you to flush the toilet once everything settles in.

DIY Method #5. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar can be effective in dislodging anything that clogs a toilet. A cup of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar, and a kettle of hot water poured into the bowl will work instantly to flush the toilet clean.

While it may seem cost efficient to do the unclogging yourself, you will not get the 100% assurance that your toilet is totally fixed. In matters like this, it is best to get the services of a professional West Palm Beach plumber. This way, you are assured that the clog is thoroughly removed and you won’t encounter the same problem again in the future.

5 Ways to Determine if the Water Heater in Your Fort Lauderdale Home Needs Replacement

water heater repair fort lauderdaleCan you imagine a life deprived of hot showers or warm baths? Before autumn and winter set in, make sure to check if your water heater is still good to go or not. Here are five ways to determine if your water heater needs replacement.

  1. Listen to clanking or banging noises, which are signs of aging. Typically upon purchase, a residential water heater comes with a five to ten-year warranty. Unless you have made use of it sparingly over the years, it is advisable that you have your water heater replaced after the specified warranty period.
  2. Check for leaks. Beware! A water heater tank that leaks is a potentially major headache. Calling an expert ASAP for assessment will save your walls, flooring, furniture, and the water heater unit itself. Depending on where the leak is coming from, a professional can assist you in determining whether your unit requires minor repairs or replacement.
  3. Check if the water produced is hot enough or not. If the heating element and thermostat are not the culprits behind the heating failure, then hire a pro to troubleshoot your unit. Expert advice is sounder than speculation.
  4. If your unit fails to heat water altogether, it’s an indication of repair or replacement, which a skilled and experienced technician can make an informed decision on.
  5. Consider your hot water usage. Relative to your unit’s age, usage is a big factor in its performance. Even when still far from the end of its warranty period, your unit may suffer from premature aging due to the following:
    • You have a big or growing family.
    • Your area of residence provides only hard water, which results in a buildup of minerals within the tank. This results in a plumbing line obstruction that inhibits your unit’s performance and decreases its life span.
    • If your unit has served its maximum performance to your family in terms of usage, then perhaps it’s high time to let it retire and find a replacement.

A water heater is not something you can just DIY. A little help from the Fort Lauderdale plumbing professionals will spare your loved ones from the discomforts and inconveniences brought about by a faulty water heating system in your home.

Best Plumbing Service Tips For Your Coral Springs Residence

plumbing service coral springsWe’ve seen how technology has changed our lives over the years. High-tech gadgets, appliances, automobiles and computers have been providing us more convenience and comfort as compared to how our ancestors lived their lives decades, if not centuries, ago. Now if you’re wondering about the latest inventions that promise us a brighter tomorrow, hold on to your seats because you’ll be quite amazed! There are just so many wonderful developments today that you’ll wonder if there is anything that mankind can’t create. For instance, a Korean inventor came up with a tool that could be the biggest thing in the plumbing world since the plunger.

Inventor Seung-il Kim, 36, explained his product to ABC News from South Korea. “It’s the same principle as a plunger — using pressure — but it creates a lot more pressure than a plunger.”

The device, known as “Pung-too” works by sticking a strong plastic film over your bowl using a special adhesive. Once the toilet is flushed, the film bulges up. The user would then press it down a few times, and voila! the film unclogs the plumbing miraculously.

“My hope is that each home across the world will have one of these sanitary products,” Kim said.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? If you want to get more impressed, just continue reading my blog post. Now there are inventions that aren’t as amusing as the one I provided above. But there sure are plumbing products that will make you want to say, “Oh this is so damn great!” Curious? Here’s a list to get you excited!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog about new plumbing products in Coral Springs. Visit my site often when you’re wondering about what smart toilets are; looking for amazingly cheap luxury faucets or simply need help figuring out the most effective drain unblockers! If you need professional plumbing assistance, just call the most reliable Coral Springs plumbing experts.

Buying plumbing fixtures for your home? Watch this video and learn helpful tips!

A Guide On Grease Clogged Drain Fix For Your Coral Springs Home

clogged drains Boca RatonOne of the most common clogs found in many kitchen sink drains is grease build up, and it makes sense too.  A lot of people have the misunderstanding that food particles or debris causes clogs and blockages inside a kitchen drain, but that isn’t the case.  If you think about the amount of grease and oil used to cook our food over a period of a year, you get a good idea of how much grease and oil can congeal inside of your drain pipe.  Even if you use boiling water to wash away the excess oil in the pan or sink after cooking, grease will still harden and turn into a solid clog inside your pipes.  This gets especially clogged up when food particles and other objects get lodged inside the grease before it hardens.

So, there are two things that we need to consider when it comes to unclogging a grease filled drain – how to unblock it and how to prevent it from clogging again.  We’re going to look into both of those points in this article:

Prevention is better than a Cure

To start with, it is important to understand why disposing of your grease and oil in a sink is a terrible idea.  Not only does it create plumbing headaches for you, the homeowner, but it is terrible for the environment.  The cooking grease that you are pouring down the drain needs to go somewhere, and it flows into the sewers below.  The grease that doesn’t clog your pipes then becomes hardened deposits of soap like chemicals, which isn’t as good as you think it is.  These chunks of hardened grease and oil deposits cause health hazards and environmental threats because they cause sewers to overflow.

What can you do differently to avoid this from happening?  There are a few changes you can do on how you dispose of your cooking grease, but this is the simplest, fuss free way that we’ve found:

–          Store the cooking grease in a sealable container and allow it to harden.  Then simply throw it in the trash.

Unclogging your Kitchen Sink

Now that you have reasons why you shouldn’t pour your cooking grease down the drain, let’s see how to rectify a grease clogged sink.  You can typically tell if your sink has a grease blockage when the water doesn’t drain anymore, or drains very slowly.  Instead of reaching for chemical drain cleaners, why not try your hand at this simple, three-step method.

Step One

Have a bucket on hand and place it under the trap and loosen the nuts in front of and behind the trap.  Sometimes these nuts have only been hand tightened, so you shouldn’t need to use much force, but just in case, have a large set of pliers on hand.  Don’t use too much force with the PVC piping or you could end up cracking the pipe.

Step Two

Once you have loosened the nuts, remove the trap carefully while staying over the bucket.  You are going to clean out the trap with hot water and a good degreasing dishwashing detergent with a bottle brush or an old rag – but you need to use a different sink for this step.  The grease clog is going to smell awful, so make sure you do this outside.  The trap usually connects to another section of piping called the trap arm.  You’ll see this going from the trap toward the wall – remove this section carefully as well and check if it needs a good cleaning while you’re at it.

Step Three

The last step is quite simply a case of reassembling the plumbing and checking that the threads are clean on either side of your piping.  The nuts holding the pipes in place need to be tightened securely to prevent any leaks, so make sure that there is no debris in the way.

So there you have it. I hope this post helps those who are looking for a grease clogged drain fix in Coral Springs. Also, check out this article from Dummies.com to learn more about how to prevent drain clogs. Should you need to hire a plumbing expert in Coral Springs, visit www.orrplumbing.com.

Instant Water Heater Repair in Blue Springs

water heater repair Blue SpringsA water heater is truly a big investment for your home. It’s not a cheap appliance that you should just install, use and neglect. You might wonder why people still buy this kind of heating system even when the price isn’t very affordable for the masses. Well, for one thing, it saves a lot of money on operational cost. Since it only produces hot water by demand, it uses less energy. It’s also great for people who want to keep their basements spacious because the system doesn’t have a bulky tank. Last not but the least, when it is taken care of properly, it can last for about 25 years. It sounds very durable, right? With this said, let us share with you some tips on proper tankless water heater care and maintenance.

1. Watch out for the accumulation of mineral deposits on your hot water heater because such buildup may cause your system to overheat. You can prevent this by attaching a water softener to your water source which will be responsible for decreasing the level of calcium or lime accumulation.

2. Flush your instantaneous water heater once every 6 months or annually. You can either do this by yourself or you may ask a professional to do it for you to ensure that no problem will arise later.

3. To avoid freezing your system during cold weather, make sure that its anti-freeze feature is working properly.

4. If you use your clothes washer or dishwasher often, it is wise to just have a separate demand water heater installed for these appliances. This way, even if you use them at the same time as someone is taking a shower, the water heater won’t be pushed to its limit. The only issue is that you would have to shell out money on another heating system.

5. If you have a faucet or shower that doesn’t let out water well, check them. It’s possible that sediments have already accumulated in the shower head or aerator. Once you confirm this, clean them up and you may want to check on your water softener again.

We hope that you found these maintenance tips useful. Should you need water heater repair in Blue Springs, contact the best plumbers in the area! We provide top-notch Blue Springs plumbing services including septic tank care, kitchen plumbing appliance installation and many others.